Always in completecontrol of your bot's behaviour


Crafting precision: how to make your chatbot behave exactly as you want

View conversations and user reviews

In Chathive, users can provide feedback on each reply. Afterwards, you can view statistics on the number of good and wrong questions and adjust where needed for future conversations.

Review and enhance the given answers for continuous improvement.

Chathive provides insights into why the AI utilized specific content and offers ways to improve training afterward. You have the flexibility to delete, change, and recrawl content, assessing its relevance as deemed by the system.

Have complete control over the answers

Can't change the data? Override the answers and build a knowledge base of FAQs right within Chathive by simply correcting the responses it provides.

Manage, improve and increase performance

Control the answers

Chathive enables you to exert complete control over how your chatbot behaves.


The longer your chatbot runs, the smarter it becomes. While not self-learning, it's easy for you to train and enhance its capabilities.

Cost-effective maintenance

Chathive is significantly more affordable to maintain than regular chatbots, which will reduce maintenance costs and increase performance.

Chathive | Ready to discover the most advanced training module?

Ready to discover the most advanced training module?

Prepare to input, manage, and refine the information your bot is trained on, enhancing its conversations to align with your goals.

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