AI knowledge base manager

Insert varied data in different ways to ensure your bot adeptly handles questions about the provided information.

Chathive | AI knowledge base manager

Easily manage your chatbot's knowledge

Add any website to the knowledgebase

Chathive's advanced webcrawler effortlessly explores entire websites with just one URL. Our system patiently waits for all scripts to load and the page to be ready before capturing all information. This captured data is then automatically integrated into your bot, ensuring it's equipped with the latest site information.

Any kind of text data, we've got you covered

Chathive enables document uploads and the addition of plain text through copy and paste. Need to integrate external documents? No worries, talk to our team, and we'll seamlessly bring the data into our platform for you.

Automatic data refinement

Text data often comes with formatting noise, which can be a challenge for AI. Chathive takes care of this by cleaning and preprocessing your data, removing all markup while preserving the essence. We then transform it into vectors, making it easy to train your AI chatbot effectively.

Easily update your data

Gain valuable insights into the data utilized by your AI agent, empowering you to optimize your knowledgebase strategically based on real user interactions and feedback.

Chathive | Ready to unleash the power of your data?

Ready to unleash the power of your data?

Set up your own database, allowing your AI assistant to answer questions based on the stored information.

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