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Easily create accurate GPT chatbots in minutes and have full control over the AI's responses.

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Why Chathive is your prime choice for unleashing the power of AI

The most recurring issues today

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    A lot of unused knowledgebases and data

    Numerous enterprises possess extensive knowledge repositories, FAQs, and textual data, yet these valuable resources often remain underutilized both internally and externally.
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    Repetitive questions

    Your team often finds itself responding to repetitive questions. Traditional chatbots can be prohibitively expensive, and less effective in answering complex questions.
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    A lot of time is spent on searching for information

    Information search consumes a significant amount of your team's time. Moreover, customers and leads who can't swiftly find what they need are more likely to leave.
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With Chathive

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    Your data is turned into an AI assistant

    Empower your data with Chathive, turning it into a robust AI assistant. Unlock the potential of your vast text data and documentation like never before.
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    You can devote time to complex issues and automate the rest

    Free up your team to tackle more meaningful and rewarding cases by automating repetitive questions.
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    Your team and leads are able to retrieve information in seconds

    Eliminate the need to click through your intranet, website, or knowledgebase. Provide instant answers for your team and customers, significantly boosting conversions and saving valuable time.

Companies that trust Chathive for their AI solution

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Create your AI assistant in 3 simple steps


Select a purpose

Choose what you want the assistant to do. Whether it's customer support, lead generation, or handling your databases.


Add your data

Kickstart your AI knowledgebase by uploading docs, adding websites, or typing in text data.


Test and finetune

Chathive excels in granting you control over your AI's responses. Easily update your chatbot with our powerful training module.

Discover the most powerful and advanced GPT chatbot platform

Have complete control over your AI chatbot's responses

Chathive empowers you with extensive control over your chatbot's behavior, making it a breeze to ensure your chatbot aligns perfectly with your preferences and gets the job done just the way you want it.

Chathive | Powerful training module

Powerful training module

Unlock precision with Chathive's robust training module, gaining insights into your chatbot's behavior and effortless correction capabilities. Easily access conversation histories to fine-tune answers for future excellence.
Chathive | Anti-hallucination system

Anti-hallucination system

Hallucinations, where your chatbot invents information, are a common challenge with GPT technology. Chathive addresses this head-on by preventing hallucinations and ensuring your assistant sticks to the information you've provided.
Chathive | Advanced custom instructions

Advanced custom instructions

We've unlocked the base prompt and other advanced features, allowing you to truly redefine the assistant's purpose and behavior to suit your unique needs.
Discover training module

Infuse your bot's knowledge with your own data in different ways

Build your AI knowledgebase using your unique information and unlock its immense potential. Plus, our open API allows you to seamlessly extend the Chathive knowledgebase, powering your other AI projects with ease.

Chathive | Integrate website information within minutes

Integrate website information within minutes

Effortlessly crawl almost any website without the need to tweak settings. Simply enter the URL, and our crawler takes care of the rest. It intuitively navigates your website's structure, extracting the optimal amount of data seamlessly.
Chathive | Add any text data

Add any text data

Don't have a website for your bot's data, only plain text and document info? No problem. We've got you covered. Upload documents or copy-paste any text into our platform, ensuring your bot can generate answers based on your provided texts.
Chathive | Smooth data integration

Smooth data integration

Require integration with your systems or providers? No problem. We establish connections wherever your data resides. Schedule a demo, and let's discuss how to seamlessly bring your data into Chathive.
Discover AI knowledgebase manager

Customize your chatbot to fit your preferences and needs

Tailor your assistant to match your brand seamlessly. Customize our chat agent and widget to reflect your unique style.

Chathive | Change colors and copy

Change colors and copy

Effortlessly tailor the chatbot widget to match your branding and tone of voice. Simply adjust settings in the platform, such as colors and welcome texts, for a seamless fit.
Chathive | Inject your own CSS

Inject your own CSS

Unleash ultimate customization by injecting any styling code into the widget. Make your chatbot truly stand out with unmatched uniqueness.
Chathive | Brand it yours: white-labeling and reselling opportunities

Brand it yours: white-labeling and reselling opportunities

For our enterprise customers, we offer white-label options and even permit platform reselling.
Discover agent manager

More features

Chathive offers a lot of other powerful features to help you craft the AI assistant you envision.

Support your users in any language you want.
Open API
Integrate effortlessly with Chathive using our open API.
Custom integrations
Custom AI integrations, built by our support team or by you.
Chathive | Ready to transform your data into intelligent conversations?

Ready to transform your data into intelligent conversations?

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